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Sunday liquor sales mixed bag for Duluth businesses

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This Summer, Minnesota made a historic move by allowing the sale of alcohol on Sunday's.
Several liquor stores in Duluth took advantage of the new law, allowing them to be open seven days a week. 
And while some establishments flourished with the extra day of business, others decided, it wasn't worth being open. 

"Sales started out pretty well on Sundays. It felt kinda like a normal day honestly," said Canal Park Liquor store owner, Tanner.

Canal Park Liquor, named after it's primary location, is a hot spot for tourists.
The store's owner was excited to open on Sunday's, getting an extra day of business.   

"Toward the end of the summer though as we're getting towards the fall and tourist season started coming to an end, we started seeing less sales gradually," said Tanner.

As fall arrived, sales decreased the most on Sundays.

"In the winter seasons it definitely way slower and the last few Sundays we've had have been significantly slower than when we started," said Tanner.

Canal Park liquor has closed its doors for the season on Sunday's but will be open seven days a week once tourism season arrives next year. 

"It came to the point where it's not as profitable to stay open and pay us and all the cost of staying open and what not," said Tanner.

Meanwhile, across town at University Liquor, business has actually increased since the Summer. 

"I was here all summer and compared to summer, Sunday liquor sales have definatley gone up in my opinion," said store clerk, Billy.

University Liquor store clerk says it mostly due to the return of college students and everyone's favorite sunday entertainment. 

"We have football Sunday's and everyone is watching the NFL and if they don't got their liquor yet or beer, they come in and grab that from us. It's been pretty stead business for us," said Billy.

He says, Sunday liquor sales have generally had a positive impact on business. 

"Overall I would say it's definiatley beneficiary. Our hours are kind of short, just 11-6 on Sunday. It doesn't cost that much money to come open it up and just sell some more," said Billy.

Canal Park Liquor has special winter hours which include being closed on Sunday meanwhile University Liquor will remain open on Sundays. 


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