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Candy making comes back to Duluth Depot

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The "Candy Makers" of the Duluth Depot returned this afternoon for some candy making fun!

Clyde Grambsch's family spent the afternoon making peppermint rainbows, Cinnamon Bowties, Candy Canes and a whole lot of other Christmas candy. 

The second and third generation of the Grambsch family members have been coming to Duluth each year since 1982 to fire up the old stove to heat the copper kettle to a boil with traditional recipes, including Bob Grambsch, that fill the Museum with the sweet candy smells of the Holidays.

"This is special thing to him and it's been a very special thing to all of us and now our children and grand children and getting more and more involved," he said.

Participants were able to watch the entire process from start to finish.

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