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St. Louis County Board discusses legislative priorities, bonding projects

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At their Tuesday meeting, the Saint Louis County Board laid out the issues they'll take down to Saint Paul.

Before the upcoming 2018 legislative session, the board discussed their preliminary goals, including health and human services reform, support for statewide transportation projects and area projects they hope make it onto the next bonding bill. 

The board decided, so far, upgrades to the Duluth Depot will be their top priority, but after a recent tour of Glensheen, the board added repairs to the mansion's crumbling sea wall as another priority.

Commissioner Keith Nelson said it's important for the board to be united in their lobbying efforts but even that can't guarantee results.

"The weight of the county board recognizing and seeing the significance of a project, I would hope that it would carry some weight down there. The truth of it is, it all comes down to votes down there and quite frankly, we don't have that many anymore," he said.

At the request of Commissioner Tom Rukavina, the board also added the Ely trail head and business park to its list of recommended projects.

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