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Experts warn against heading out on thin ice

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Staying Safe On Thin Ice Staying Safe On Thin Ice

Ice fishing gear is in high demand at Fisherman's Corner.

"It kind of caught us off guard," store manager Jody LeBlanc said. "We were focusing more on the hunting season and then we were going to start gearing up for the ice fishing season."

But then early cold temperatures hit the Northland.

"We're now scrambling to get all of our ice fishing equipment out so that customers get their needs met," LeBlanc said.

The high demand is in response to the unofficial start of ice fishing season.

"People have been going out on the lakes since last Thursday," LeBlanc said.

But Saint Louis County Officials warn against venturing out on thin ice.

"No ice is safe right now. The DNR recommends four inches at a minimum, we had a cold snap, we had two days of below zero, that put a skim out there, but it's not uniform across the lake," Rick Slatten with Saint Louis County Rescue Squad said. 

Caribou Lake is covered in a layer of ice, prompting some to drop a line. But the decision to do so comes with a warning.

"If you insist on going ice fishing, wear a PFD, wear a float coat, carry ice spikes, you can make them yourself or you can buy them at your local sporting goods store," Slatten said.

Some already welcome the frozen lakes.

"It's helped our business already," LeBlanc said.

And getting out on the ice also has its perks.

"It's the tranquility of going out and trying to catch something through the ice in the hole," LeBlanc said. "What else do you have to do in the wintertime?"

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