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As national and local sexual harassment allegations spark, advocates for sexual assault victims speak up

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What seems like now more than ever, sexual harassment allegations have been popping up in the lives of those in the limelight. Anywhere from celebrities to politicians. 

Last week, two women came forward claiming Republican Representative Tony Cornish had sexually harassed them. 

This. after Minnesota's top Democrats called on on state Senator Dan Schoen to resign after accusations he sexually harassed women. 

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar spoke with Chuck Todd on "Meet The Press" Sunday about a bill she's sponsoring that would require sexual harassment training for all U.S senators and their aides.

 "We thought it was really important that the Senate be a model for the rest of the country. And this is not just about Senators, this is about everyone to have a safe workplace, from the ship worker to the nurse at the hospital, to the teacher at the school," said Klobuchar.

Klobuchar went on to say "I have a dream that one day maybe we'll have more women in the Senate than there are victims of Harvey Weinstein's harassment."

Meanwhile, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's office addressed the issue Monday, saying, in part "The Governor believes any legislator who commits acts of sexual harassment or sexual assault should resign."

Candy Harshner is Executive Director for PAVSA, a non-profit organization that provides Aid to victims of sexual assault.
Harshner says an actual change starts with education. 

"People should know about the things that they cant do and that's a training issue. This should be something happening at every level it should be something that people are informed about so that they cant say, oh I didn't know," said Harshner.

Dayton also issued a letter to Myron Frans, Commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget asking his office to conduct a thorough review of the state's policies and procedures and make recommendations for how the state should improve them.

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