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Hilltoppers' marching band fine tune Christmas City of the North Parade preparations

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The Christmas City of the North Parade is just around the corner and participants are getting ready.

There are only four days left for the twelve performing high school bands to practice and perfect their musical numbers.

KBJR 6 checked in with one school and their progress leading up to the big day. 

"Just making your school known to the Northland, I think that's one of the coolest thing about this parade," said Brian Langlee, Duluth Marshall band's long-term sub.  

The Duluth Marshall High School marching band has only 14 rehearsals left before performing in the Christmas City of the North Parade on Friday.

Perfecting their carols has been three weeks in the making.

"We're done memorizing, which is a big thing," said Langlee. "You wouldn't think that that's one of the hardest things, but it is." 

Now, they're just working on some fine tuning.

Langlee said they'll make laps around the hilltop parking lot "just practicing our marching, make sure we're hitting our lefts and our rights when we're supposed to. Working on the cadence and working on playing while marching."

Also, playing while marching in the cold. It's something the kids experienced while practicing the parking lot last week.

"We didn't have any of our stuff ready so all of our valves and our trumpets froze, so we were trying to play in 30 degree weather and it was really cold," said freshman band member, Logan Johnsrud.

Langlee said they found a solution to that problem. "Hand warmers are going to be key on Friday."

Marshall is expecting similar conditions at this year's parade. They're prepared though especially after last year's storm.

"But we made it through that," said senior Jessica Jahn. "So I'm just excited for the new kids to experience it."

It's an experience first-timers can't wait to have and one that veterans always cherish.

"Just seeing all the people and being in the band really," said Johnsrud. 

Jahn added, "seeing all the people on the sides cheering us on, that's really nice. That they all come out for us and support us."

Another year the Hilltoppers are helping ring in the holiday season the traditional Northland way.

"It's something of an aspect of pride," said Langlee. "I think going out and representing your school, doing the best that you can, in the weather that you can."

The Christmas City of the North Parade is Friday starting at 6:25 p.m. We will be showing it live here on KBJR 6.

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