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"World's Largest Rubber Duck" belongs to Duluth man, who bought it on a dare

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A 61-foot inflatable duck stole the show at the Duluth Tall Ships Festival in August 2016.

It's called "Mama Duck" and has been branded the "World's Largest Rubber Duck."

It belongs to a Craig Samborski, a Duluth man, who plans Tall Ships festivals across the country.

Samborski says he bought the duck in 2014 after being dared by a friend.

"I was in the process of producing Tall Ships Los Angeles...and one of our colleagues that works with the city of Los Angeles said, 'You're a very nice event producer from Minnesota, Craig, but in California, we go big or we go home,'" Samborski said.

Samborski would take "going big" in the literal sense, as he and the colleague landed on the idea of a large, inflatable duck. 

"It was going to be really stupid or it was going to be really great," Samborski said, "So, there [were] several beers that had been had that night, so we thought 'wow, that's a great idea.'"

The duck took about eight weeks to build, made by the same company which does inflatables for the NFL. It wasn't long after that it made its first splash at the Tall Ships Festival in Los Angeles in August 2014. 

"We would start seeing the Google alerts popping up as [reporters] were writing their stories," said Samborski, "[The stories were] literally from around the world. It was CNN, it was Good Morning America, it was the Today Show, it was Time Magazine... we said 'wow, we're probably on to something here.'"

Mama Duck now gets requests to make international appearances. Samborski says in a few weeks, she'll be at the grand opening of a resort in Dubai.

The attention is so great, that the duck that started as an addition to the tall ships festivals, is now a separate attraction. 

"Its become another full-time business, in addition to doing tall ships festivals for me," Samborski said. 

Samborski says he gets dozens of emails a day from people either requesting the duck, or thanking him for bringing it to their area. 

We asked him what his colleague who dared him to buy the duck has said about its success.

"'[He said] I knew it all along Craig. This is exactly what I thought would happen,;" Samborski recalled.

If you're wondering, Samborski says the duck cost six figures.

It's currently at a storage space in Ohio, where it is deflated and stored in a box until its next event. 

Samborski says he plans on having the duck at the next Tall Ships Festival in Duluth. 

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