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Duluth School District overviews 2017 achievements and future goals

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Thursday night, the Duluth School District took a look at what it's accomplished so far this year.

Lincoln park Middle School hosted the district's annual community meeting.

Duluth School District leaders presented an overview of the 2017 annual report showcasing student and staff achievements. 

The district also set some goals for itself to accomplish in the year to come. 

As for 2017, achievements have included an uptick in reading and math proficiency, the district outperforming state and national averages on the ACT's and a jump in enrollment. 

The district has also made a point of identifying individual student needs and making sure schools are safe and welcoming.

An issue the district has recently been faced with is an achievement gap which staff says, they are working on closing. 

Duluth School District Superintendent, Bill Gronseth says, "we've had increases in student achievement. We've had increases in our graduation rate. We've been able to say that for quite a few years now. The challenge becomes when we dig into those numbers. We see that some of those students are experiencing more success than others. That's really where we are going to be digging in."

Superintendent Gronseth says the district is working on meeting the needs of all students not only academically but also behavioral and social-emotional needs. 

The district says when it comes to the 2018 budget, they will be prioritizing General Fund spending to support teachers and students.

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