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Get Outdoors: ATVentures ATVing

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Fond Du Lac State Forest -

"ATVing is something that I've been doing since I was a little kid and my dad told me if you can start it you can ride it I've been kind of running with that ever since."

Eric Senarighi's passion for ATVing started young. But now he's taken that passion and turned it into a business, guiding ATV trips in the region

"I do kind of a standard trail ride where we touch on a little bit of history in the local area and I also do one where provide a lunch similar to what we're doing today." Senarighi said. 

We are joined by two of his friends from the Carlton County Riders ATV Club. 

ATVentures guide service caters to large and small groups.

Senarighi said, "Depending on the size of the group you can either ride with me or some friends. I also work with the rental outfit down in Sturgeon Lake for larger groups and stuff like that but also have different machines."

Senarighi took us on a tour of some logging trails in the Fond Du Lac State Forest, where the Fond Du Lac reservation has been restoring the wild rice habitat since the 90's. 

Senarighi explains, "It's a ditch system that ironically enough ruined the wild rice crop in this area now it's being used replenish and restore the rice."

We stopped at a few of the dams and lakes to learn more about the project and history of the area. Senarighi is also the president of the Carlton County Riders ATV Club. They work with cities and governments to improve the sport of ATVing.

"Working with DNR in the state of Minnesota on building trails and getting people out here and riding responsibly." said Senarighi.

It really is an adrenaline rush riding on those machines. And I now understand where the passion for this sport comes from, and why people like Senarighi are trying so hard to share it with others. Their club motto says it all...

"Build new trails, to maintain new trails in our area and improve the view of our sports people not involved." said Senarighi.

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