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Ten years later, few legal options for couple after scam cost them future

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From data breaches, to credit card skimmers, and more it seems more and more people are falling victim to fraud every day.

Tonight, we're learning more about a Northland family, who says they've lost everything after a scam.

Judy and Ray Turcotte have lived in their dream home by the lake since Ray was 21 and Judy is still surprised to hear now he's 88.

"Are you?" she said "Holy Toledo! Where have the years gone?"

But they say, years after it should have been paid off, their home and their dream have been harder and harder to hold on to. 

"Every day Ray'll say, I can't believe he did that," Judy said. "I can't, we trusted him." 

He is their next door neighbor. 

The Turcottes said he promised to help them with their finances, so they helped him move next door, and gave him access to their assets.

"He sent us an eviction notice and put it on our door," she said.

Through a legal battle, the Turcottes were able to get their house back, but with it came a hefty mortgage they say they can barely afford.

That was 10 years ago. 

Now they said they're still neglecting their needs to keep their four walls standing.

"We're supposed to get a new roof which he was supposed to do in '09," Judy said.

According to AARP Minnesota's Jay Haapala, in cases like this, there aren't a lot of legal options.

"Doesn't always work in the best interest of the victim or the consumer," he said "And that's why it's so important to stop these scams before they happen in the first place."

Judy Turcotte said she's gotten by with a second job, and the help of her friends.

"I'll go to do dishes or something, and I'll find a holiday gift card underneath a plate," she said.

But she said what she really needs is help to keep what she has. She's currently working to decrease her mortgage payments to save up for roof repairs.

"I'm not asking for anything for nothing" she said. "I just would like to be able to get our payment lowered so we can stay in our home."

According to AARP, the Turcotte's story is one they hear too often.

They warn, when con artists trick you into willingly giving them access to your funds, it can be nearly impossible to get that money back.

They said be careful of who gets that access, and have honest conversations about money, which can help prevent more of these stories.

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