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Parkinson's sufferers gather in Ashland

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"The Mystery & Science of Parkinson's Disease" was put on by people impacted by Parkinson's, for people impacted by Parkinson's.

The event was put on by the Bay Area Parkinson's Support Group. 

The conference featured speakers, workshops, and panels that covered a wide variety of topics -- necessitated by the diversity of the disease.

"There's probably 15 or 20 symptoms, that are possible. No one seems to have the same symptoms as the next person," said Jeff Obst, founder of the Bay Area Parkinson's Support Group. 

Topics discussed ranged from physical therapy, to medical treatment options, to living with Parkinson's in general.
Much of the information was geared toward those who suffer from the disease, but organizers hoped the public would learn from the presentations as well.

 "People don't seem to have an idea of what we're suffering from, and we would like people to know that," said Obst.

Another focus of the event was those who have loved ones with Parkinson's Disease. A workshop was held for Parkinson's Caregivers.

 "Just to find out what others are going through, and from there let them know they need to take care of themselves so they can take care of others" said Phyllis Lampson, who co-led a workshop on care giving.

Event organizers hoped today's event would not only be informative, but lead to the creation of a system of support for those with Parkinson's.

"In this region of Northwest Wisconsin there is only one support group for people with Parkinson's. I think it would be good to have one or two more," added Obst.

On a lighter note, today's event also featured music from the Parkinsong Choir, which consists entirely of people with Parkinson's Disease.

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