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Maple School District asking for community to weigh in potential referendum

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The Maple School District officials say they've cut $3.7 million dollars from their budget but still have a shortfall averaging of $1.7 million dollars. 

District Administrator, Dr. Sara Croney says its due to a combination of less state aid and the decline of student enrollment. 

"We are seeing classes of well over 100-110 leaving our district and classes of barely 80 coming in," said Dr. Croney.

The district is asking for a non-recurring referendum for a span of five years. 
Right now the district needs $576,000 to maintain programs. 

"You have a perfect storm with less money coming in and a burden on our taxpayers," said Dr. Croney.

If the referendum moves forward, taxpayers would see a tax increase of $201 a year per $100,000 of property value, roughly around $16.75 per month per each household within the span of five years.

If the referendum isn't supported the district will be forced to cut more than $576,000. 

"There would be dramatic cuts to programs.. and we would have to lay off staff we would have no other choice," said Dr, Croney. 

Electives like band, choir, and Spanish are among those that would have to be cut. 

Dr. Croney says she fears teachers will also leave for higher pay in other districts.

"The reason I relate to Superior is that they are our biggest competitor because our staff members don't even have to move. They can still live in their same home, just drive 20-30 mins more and be making so much more," said Dr. Croney.

Aside from $576,000, they need to maintain programs they also need money for other needs. 

"Thirty-thousand-dollars is needed for the tech-ed updating of equipment,130,000 is needed to update curriculum," said Dr. Croney.

Dr. Croney says she knows it might seem like a burden for taxpayers but it's a great investment for the future. 

"Paying for education now is a long range of commitment. We want those students to become taxpayers themselves," said Dr. Croney.

Come Nov. 13, the final results of the survey will be reviewed and sometime in December the school board will meet and determine if they choose to move forward with the referendum and at what level. 

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