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"Keep Everyone Warm" donation drive helps Northland homeless population

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The first annual "Keep Everyone Warm" drive was held on Wednesday.

This drive was put on by Mike Letica, the man behind the a donation drive just a few weeks ago, that saw tens of thousands of pounds of donated goods go to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 

Everything that was donated on Wednesday will be delivered to CHUM, a local non-profit, human service agency in Duluth, who will donate it to the homeless population in the Northland. 

Letica is looking for anything to make Duluth's harsh winter months easier for those without a home. He says the biggest needs are sleeping bags, tents, warm clothes and high protein non-perishable food items. 

A CHUM spokesperson says the organization relies heavily on donation drives like the one held on Wednesday for their street outreach program. 

"Our social worker, who works with this program, goes out and finds people who are living outside, in the woods, in caves, wherever they're staying - she identifies who those people are, and then she brings them warm things, and things to eat, and she does whatever she can to keep them safe, because in our weather it can be really dangerous living outside," said Mary Schmitz, CHUM's development director. 

This is one of many drives Letica has done in recent months. He says he only takes credit as being the organizer, and it couldn't be done without the community's generous donations. 

If you missed Wednesday's drive, Gary Milk House in Gary-New Duluth will be accepting donations through Sunday. This is a list of things still needed. 

* Coffee
* Hot chocolate
* Apple cider
* Canned stew, chilli, fruits, vegetables
* Spaghettios
* Spam
* Mac and cheese
* Ramen noodles
* Rice a Roni
* Canned soup
* Peanut butter
* Canned tuna fish and salmon
Non food items include:
* Tents
* Sleeping bags
* Blankets
* Tarps (not blue)
* Hygiene items

Cash donations will be accepted also and we will purchase needed items with donations.

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