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Cranberry farmers vote to dump 15% of their 2017 crop

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There seems to be a problem in the cranberry industry. 
Wisconsin produces 57% of the country's cranberries but their supply and those of farmers across the country are being drastically reduced.

David Zawistowski, owner of Lake Nokomis Cranberry farm says there's been a surplus of cranberries the past couple years leading a committee of cranberry growers to vote to reduce inventory across the US by 15%.

"Everybody is on the same page. Everybody voted on it collectively," said Zawistowski.

He says there's just no demand for cranberries and too much supply. 

"There's actually a year's worth of cranberries in the freezers right now," said Zawistowski.

It's a combination that he says is lowering prices. 

"It's not a good thing. Thirty-three cents a pound and now they're around 17 cents," said Zawistowski.

The cranberries the farmers get rid of will be composted. 

"They're going to clean them and dispose of them in a landfill," said Zawistowski.

The other part of the committee's plan...he says...will come next year...when cranberry farmers will dump *25% of their crop. 

"Just to help get rid of the abundance of cranberries that we've had," said Zawistowski.

The USDA has not yet approved the committee's vote, but the farmers we spoke to say they will it's just a matter of time. 

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