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DFL candidates for governor of MN vie for endorsement from AFSCME in Duluth

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It was a full house at the DECC on Friday as all 6 DFL candidates for Governor of Minnesota in 2018 made their case for why they think they're the best option for Minnesota. 

"This is one of the first forums which gives candidates an opportunity to articulate their stand on the issues, and to differentiate themselves from the field," said AFSCME public affairs director, Jennifer Munt.

At the AFSCME sponsored forum, candidates responded to 9 questions about how they will approach issues facing Minnesotans.
Questions like, if elected, how would they support pensions. 
"I want to build a wall between your pensions, and anyone that would come and try to destroy them, and take them away from you," said Mayor Chris Coleman, D - St. Paul. 

"Under my watch, we will not, we will not, you will not lose your retirement security, you will not lose your pension," said Rep. Erin Murphy, D - St. Paul. 

Questions were asked about their commitment to Minnesota's working class, and would they put their title of governor on the line to support unions. 

"Union power is absolutely critical to turning this around . So, if I wasn't for unions, I wouldn't be running for office," said Rep. Tina Liebling, D - Rochester. 

"I will work to lead and to do the right thing, even when it's difficult, when it's the right thing to do, for the common good," said Rebecca Otto, State Auditor for Minnesota.  

The 6 candidates also explained how they would engage with Minnesotan's to win a campaign for governor, if nominated. 

"The only way to win these races is with people powered movements. It's not about one individual candidate, it's about all of us working together," said Paul Thissen, D - Minneapolis. 

"When we're in communities in southern Minnesota, small communities, we're not failed urban areas, we have a different way of life, and we need to make the case that this is one Minnesota," said Congressman Tim Walz, D - 1st District, MN.

AFSCME plans to endorse one of the 6 candidates as we get closer to the general election. 

This was a Democratic event only, and AFSCME didn't invite any Republican candidates. 

More information on Friday's event, questions asked, and the responses given by the candidates, click here

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