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Fifty years of waiting begins for Virginia time capsules

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Pieces of eventual history were frozen in time in Virginia on Friday.

City officials finally sealed and placed their latest time capsule on the  pedestrian plaza, off the new Highway 53 bridge. 

Enclosed were letters, news articles,and other things depicting what life is like in 2017. 

The two metal capsules were placed inside a stone structure. Once the bridge is named, a metal plaque will be installed with information about the capsules inscribed on it. 

City leaders say it's all about preserving the city's history. 

"We have another one in the library that's set to be opened when the library gets deconstructed. So, we have time capsules all over the place. It's really a great and a fun snapshot of what's happening in current times, what's important to us, and what was going on," said Britt See-Benes, city administrator for Virginia. 

The capsules will be opened on this date in 2067. 

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