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With competitive edge, Friday lifting Duluth East to stellar season

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Attitude can turn a good player into a great player. For proof, look no further than Duluth East boys' soccer's Nolan Friday. 

"If I'm not the best player on the field, I'm going to make sure you think I am," said Friday, a Greyhounds senior midfielder. "Or I'm going to try to prove them wrong."

According to his teammates, he was always good, but Friday has turned into a great player.

"You can always pick him out on the field," said Greyhounds senior defenseman Evan Abrahams. "He's the type of guy who can make something out of nothing."

"From him, there are a lot of shots and lots of goals," said Greyhounds senior midfielder Zach Madill. "Always pretty much the star player." 

Friday was destined to be in the spotlight. His dad once held the all-time scoring record at the College St. Scholastica and his sister is playing NCAA Division I soccer for Toledo University.

"My dad has been my coach for as long as I can remember.," said Friday. "And as for my sister, it's always been a rivalry who is the better soccer player."

When you are watching Friday on the field, two big things stand out:

First, are his long locks. Second, is his competitiveness, which started at home.

"Competitiveness comes from my family," said Friday. "My dad pushes me to be the best I can be and so does everyone else who's along for the ride with me." 

"He's a competitor, through and through," said Greyhounds head coach Nick Bremer. "You'll see him in practice having fun with the guys, but when's he out there, he flips the switch like no one I have ever seen before." 

That competitive fire has led the Greyhounds to a (10-1) start to the season and a top-10 state ranking.

And as long as he's on the field, Friday won't stop imposing his will. 

"I'm just going to be relentless on teams and keep wearing them down until they got nothing left." 


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