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Governor Scott Walker's cabinet meets with officials in Ashland to discuss progress of flood recovery

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It's been over one year since major flooding hit Northwest Wisconsin tearing up roads and damaging homes.

Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's cabinet met with officials in Ashland to talk about how the recovery is coming along. 

Ashland officials say they're about 90% finished with reconstruction following the damage in Wisconsin but they are not in good shape financially.  

One of the many concerns brought up Wednesday was money.
Wisconsin state officials say the damage done exceeded multiple years of their budget so they were not able to complete projects that were started in 2016.

Now, they're looking for reimbursement to be able to finish that other 10% of the recovery. 
They're working on applying for FEMA aid but they're worried the two hurricanes that recently hit the US have drained FEMA's resources, possibly leaving no money for Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker's cabinet says they're working diligently on moving forward. 

"One of the problems we are having here is that we have some very small towns and communities that have been waiting a long time to be funded," said Ashland County Hwy Commissioner, Emmer Shields.

"I think we all view this as we are in this together and we want to make sure that the citizens in the area and the state are well taken care of post one of these natural disasters," said WI Secretary Dept. of Admin, Scott Neitzel.

Governor Walker's cabinet plans to have another listening session just like this one soon to follow-up. 

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