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Gov. Dayton hosts Water Quality Town Hall in Ely

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Governor Mark Dayton was in Ely Tuesday to host the sixth of ten Water Quality Town Hall Meetings across Minnesota.

The meetings allow Minnesotans to have conversations about improving the state's water quality.

The Governor's goal is to make it 25% better by the year 2025.

Over 250 Minnesotans came out to Ely Tuesday night to discuss water quality concerns in the area. 

"You've got a great opportunity here and a very important one," says Gov. Mark Dayton.

Gov. Dayton hosted the meeting to hear from the community what they feel needs improvement in their backyards. 

He says, "we're concerned about water quality. We each need to identify what our responsibility is and we all need to pitch in and help."

This is a part of action towards Governor Dayton's "25 by 25" plan to increase water quality in Minnesota by 25% by the year 2025.

Tom Landwehr, The Minnesota DNR Commissioner says, "concerns we're hearing, they vary from spot to spot but overriding we hear concerns about things like run off both agricultural and urban. You hear concerns about road salt, chloride getting into the water. One of the things I think is rising on peoples consciousness is ground water."

But not everyone came out to express concerns over the water quality. There was a large presence of Mining Supporters who say the water is just fine. 

President of Conservationists with Common Sense, Nancy McReady says, "we'll we've had mining here on the Iron Range for over 130 years and we haven't had any real detriment to any of our lakes, rivers, and streams."

Mining supporters say they don't understand why a meeting was being held in the Iron Range because the water quality is already very high. 

"We've taken care of our water resource up here," says McReady.

Still, some say, it's good to get ahead of the curb and stop pollution before it happens. 

Dan Schutte, District Manager for Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District says, "what he's [Gov. Dayton] doing as a leader is he's protecting things that are going to sustain us into the future. Food, water, shelter, space. I've seen areas where those things aren't protected and things go downhill."

The next Water Quality Town Hall Meeting will be Wednesday in Bemidji. 

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