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Enbridge's Line 3 plan continues to stir up controversy

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Enbridge's Line 3 replacement plan has stirred up plenty of controversy, along with their plan for how to address what to do with the existing Line 3 pipeline. 

Right now, their plan is to deactivate the old line, and leave it in place. 

That's a plan that some people in the Swan River area aren't too excited about. 

Donna Krueger has lived in her Swan River home for 40 years. 

She moved in about 10 years after Enbridge was granted an Easement to run their Line 3 pipeline through the property.

Line 3 is an 1,100 mile pipeline that carries crude oil from Canada, to Superior. 

That pipeline runs for a total of 590 feet on the South side of Krueger's 8-acre property. 

Krueger thinks the plan to deactivate it, and leave it in place, isn't a safe one. 

"When it starts to decompose, what's that going to do to our water systems? They talk about the mines polluting the water. Well this will too," said Krueger. 

Enbridge says, if the new Line 3 Replacement plan is approved, they will remove the tar sands from the old line, clean the internal lines, and disconnect the line from any pump stations. 

Enbridge officials say that's the safest way to proceed. 

"We, as a company, have 425 miles in a 5-state area in the mid-west where we have deactivated pipelines, that go back to maybe 50 years ago. Those lines have not subsided, they have not caused water contamination, they have not been a water conduit, draining any wetlands," said Barry Simonson, Enbridge's Project Director for Line 3. 

Krueger insists she isn't anti-pipeline.

But she says her question isn't unreasonable:

"If they can put a new line in right next to this one, why can't they take the old one out?" said Krueger. 

That's a question, she says other landowners in the area are also asking. 

Enbridge has held several listening sessions to keep the public updated on their progress. 

Final decisions, and permitting, are still in progress for Lin3 3 in Minnesota, with Environmental Impact Statements being reviewed, as well. 

Enbridge has completed those steps, and is moving forward with construction of a new Line 3 in other states along the Trans-Canada pipeline. 

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