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SLIDESHOW: Northland students head back to school, see new changes

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The first day of school at Lakewood Elementary was, in many ways, what you'd expect as a student.

"School is fun. I like school. I like hanging out with friends, like Michael, and most of the teachers are nice, so it's not hard to come" said Maggie Winesett, a fifth grader. 

There's always a little nervousness, but it's mostly excitement for students and parents alike.

"They were very excited actually. Both of my kids that are here they were jumping out of bed this morning. They were very easy to get up. Excited just too... they were out to the bus way early" said Anne Zimpel, who has two kids that go to Lakewood Elementary.

But this year will be a year of change at Lakewood. 
The school is adding new staff members, and assigning new positions to others which means new experiences for everyone.

"You never know what to expect with any age range, but especially kindergarteners. It keeps it exciting. You always have a good story at the end of the day" said teacher Katie Stresow.

Staffing changes aren't the only thing new at Lakewood. 
The school is adding a new Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program, or PBIS.

"Basically what we want to do is be positive, we want to intervene when we need and teach kids expectations. Not only just generally, but in specific areas: bus, hallway, bathroom..." said Principal Darren Sheldon.

Sheldon is wasting no time implementing the program. At a rally today, the students went over bus behavior. 
Sheldon hopes the exercises will yield immediate results.

"I'm going to be the naughty kid on the bus and the kids are going to be able to say no or yes according to the behaviors that I'm showing on the bus, and hopefully that leads to them behaving on the bus in the morning and afternoon" Sheldon added.

On Tuesday morning, students and teachers re-entered schools across the Northland in many school districts, and with that, parents put a spotlight on their kids before they took off for the day and captured the last moments before students were gone for the day.

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