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Get Outdoors: Hiking Park Point

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Blue skies and calm winds means it's a great day to go for a hike!

"We are on the worlds largest freshwater sandbar, and were sandwiched between the worlds largest freshwater lake and the worlds largest freshwater estuary." says Dave Grandmaison, Co-Owner of the Duluth Experience. 

While we may not be doing the worlds longest hike, we are doing to a pretty special place that many of you probably didn't even know existed.

Grandmaison said, "Today were out on the end of Park point, or Minnesota point. And we are going to hike the trail towards the end of Minnesota point. And we're going to do some exploration we're going to see an old growth Pine Forest um, there's some runs down there."

By the Sky Harbor airport there's a fence blocking a road from vehicles. But hikers and walkers can still access the trail.

"If you really think of where you're at you really don't even know you're on Park point Right now. You know you could be on the Ridgeline on the spear your hiking trail." said Grandmaison.

The terrain has a little bit of everything, from a beautiful pine forest to sand dunes and a secluded beach. My favorite part about hiking, is you don't have to purchase any expensive gear to do it.

"Really all you need is good footwear, definitely bring water with you. Always have water and a snack because you're probably going to get hungry along the way. So there are certain things that you want to prepare before you go out but it's really just an easy way to get out and enjoy the outdoors." said Grandmaison.

This hike is a little over 2-miles and took us about an hour one way. There are some old structures you can stop and check out too.

Grandmaison says, "Another cool thing is this is a really cool spot to explore in the wintertime." I reply, "Oh yeah I bet snowshoeing back here?" "Snowshoeing, fat tire biking."

The Duluth Experience will schedule customized tours such as this one, and give you some history lessons along the way. 

Grandmaison said, "We kind of have our standardize tours that we offer throughout the week. But then we can always customize things. So we'll take people out on the superior hiking trail, we've taken people up to like Gooseberry Falls."

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