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Sunday liquor sales start in Duluth

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Duluth has joined the rest of Minnesota, now allowing Sunday liquor sales. 

Dozens of liquor stores across Duluth opened their doors to customers who have anxiously awaited the day. 

Liquor stores across the city are now open for business, seven days a week and customers are taking notice.

"It's about time!" That's what customer, Dan Stocke said as he took a video of his first purchase of alcohol on a Sunday. 

As he holds his receipt up to his camera he says, "The date on that says, Sunday doesn't it?" 

He adds, "I'm ready to go out, have a cocktail, enjoy a little Sunday afternoon in the bright sunshine. A perfect Duluth day. Hallelujah! It doesn't involved Wisconsin anymore."

Stocke says, he has been driving to Superior for years to buy alcohol on Sundays, but now he and his friends can spend their money in Duluth. 

Customer, Christine Stocke says, "It's kind of nice to have the Sunday option and I think it's really good for the economy as well. Anytime you can bring in extra money, it's awesome."

The group of friends made their first Sunday purchase at Canal Park Liquors where workers say, the better the weather, the better the sales. 

Assistant Manager at Canal Park Liquors, London Barthelemy says, "Summer is our busiest time, so it makes sense to be open now. But come the fall, we'll probably see a decrease in sales."

Canal Park Liquors is located in the heart of Duluth's tourist district and is a convenient location for those looking to buy booze.

Barthelemy says, "Its been pretty steady around here. I think a lot of people didn't even realize that we weren't usually open on Sundays. We get a lot of the tourist." 

And while the Canal Park location may thrive during the Summer, across town at University Liquor, they didn't plan on selling on Sunday's until later in the year. 

University Liquor store clerk, Tyler Mcelwee says, "we weren't supposed to be open until the fall when school starts. In the Summer, it might be a little bit slower but it's nice that we are one of the liquor stores that are open." 

The business decided to abandon their original plan of opening in the fall because customers were expressing disappointment for not being open on Sundays sooner. 

Andrew Koran, a regular customer at University Liquor says, "It will be really great for them once people really find out and start realizing it's open on Sundays." 

Liquor stores can now be open on Sundays from 11 A.M to 6 P.M.

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