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Nearly 10-foot-long "Monty" python greets visitors for World Snake Day

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World Snake Day World Snake Day

In honor of World Snake Day, Lake Superior Zoo invited people to meet a few slithery creatures Sunday afternoon.

The nearly 10-foot-long Burmese Python named "Monty" stole to the show. People could snap pictures and even pet the nearly 30-pound snake. 

These pythons are typically found in Southeast Asia.

A few smaller snakes also made appearances at the event.

Zookeeper Lizzy Larson said snakes play an important role in balancing our ecosystem.

"They're going to eat those pest animals that we don't like, possibly some frogs or smaller rodents, so they're actually very helpful for our ecosystem," Larson said.

If you see a snake in the wild, Larson said you should leave it alone, and admire it from a distance.

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