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North Shore photographer takes pictures from inside Lake Superior waves

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© Christian Dalbec Photography © Christian Dalbec Photography

A Two Harbors photographer has found some of the most spectacular shots, don't happen on land.

Christian Dalbec has been taking photographs since 2012, building a following on social media with his shots of the North Shore. 

It was a person in that following who sent him a link to the work of a photographer who takes photos while in bodies of water. Dalbec decided to bring the technique to Lake Superior. He's been taking pictures of Lake Superior while *in* Lake Superior ever since.

"I like that it's a whole different view that most people aren't getting. Everybody kind of stands in the same spot if they're on shore," said Dalbec, " It's really cool looking, because it [the water] always changes. It's like a snowflake, you never have one wave look the same."

Dalbec puts his DSLR camera into a waterproof, protective case. He wears one of his five wetsuits, flippers, goggles, and a helmet - in case the waves knock him against rocks. He then jumps into the lake and waits for a good wave. When he finds it, he gets a shot and then dives under, to prevent the wave from pulling him back to shore. 

The results are pictures from the perspective of the lake, a view most would never see.

"I just want them to be able to be in the picture and see what I'm seeing, because most people are never going to get in this lake and look from inside a wave," Dalbec said.

A change from the familiar view of Lake Superior, born out of a passion that Christian says changed his life.

"I gave up alcohol. I had alcohol abuse since, I don't know, since high school," he said, "So many, many years... of trying to quit and finally, finally it stuck. I just didn't want nothing to do with it [alcohol] anymore and I found photography as something to do."

Dalbec says after getting several DWI's he sold a dirt bike and bought a camera.

"When I found photography, I was just walking around this [Two Harbors] lighthouse point every day because I couldn't drive for a couple years," he said, "I found a different shot every day, you know, in the same spot, and I just found that really fun."

Dalbec says photography has helped him stay sober.

"It's still a battle every day, alcohol always is, but with photography and the success of selling pictures and stuff... I love it so much that I put all my heart into it. I really don't think about anything else," he said,  "So, photography is the addiction and alcohol went to the side... I just never looked back, you know, it's my peace."

Christian goes into the water year-round. He says as long as the lake isn't frozen, he can get in it and take pictures.

You can find more of Christian's work, here.

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