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1965-66 Full Size Chevrolet Club Meet

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A special car show caught the eyes of motorheads today on the Iron Range. 

Celebrating their 35th year, the 1965-66 Full Size Chevrolet Club are holding their International Meet in Hibbing this week with visitors from around the U.S. and Canada in attendance. 
The drivers made planned caravan stops to pay tribute to the state's historic role in America's iron Mining industry. 
The Mesabi Range was the primary source for the iron ore in the mid 60's that made steel for the vehicles.

"This is the 65-66 Impala club and i have a 66 Impala, it is a Super Sport and it has a big engine witch we call a big block 396 and it is a 4-speed and as you can tell it's a convertible," said member of the 65-66 Impala Club, Glenn Dominik.

The gathering ends on Saturday.

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