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New alert system aims to keep Wisconsin officers safe


(WQOW) -- A new tool to protect law enforcement officers from serious threats is being implemented in the state by the Wisconsin Attorney General's office.

The Imminent Threat to Law Enforcement notification, also known as ITLE, will provide critical information and warnings to law enforcement officers in Wisconsin.

The ITLE notification will be sent out only under three conditions: if an officer is in danger or is being threatened while on duty, if there is a death or severe injury to any officer in the state, and if a law enforcement officer is missing while in the line of duty.

While the alert will only be sent to officers, it's the communities safety that is behind this new alert system. 

"When our dispatch receives that information it will then be broadcasted it to the officers in that area just to make sure they are aware of the threat to themselves, their partners, and the community. We also want the community members to stay safe. If somebody has targeted a law enforcement officer, that typically is a community safety risk as well," said Eau Claire Police Officer Bridget Coit.

Coit says the notifications will be sent to officers who are affected by the threat. For example, if there is an incident in Milwaukee, Eau Claire Police won't be notified unless the threat moves closer to the Chippewa Valley.

Those notification systems, which are already in place. The system will go into affect immediately.  

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