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Grandma's Marathon brings in hundreds of spectators and even more volunteers

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Some of the most important people at Grandma's Marathon are the people cheering on the runners.

Spectators lined the course from Two Harbors all the way into canal park.

The runners say they get a boost when the crowd gets into the celebration.

 Some runners have a family to look forward to as they make their way toward the finish line. 

"(I'm) waiting for my husband to go by. I was signed up to run but I was injured this spring. It is so amazing, like, completing a marathon and watching the runners at this point in the race when they're almost done," said one Grandma's Marathon Spectator, Anne Ruthenbeck. 

Grandma's marathon spectators were using everything from air horns, to simple clapping to cheer on the runners. 

Although the finish line marks the end of the race, people stationed there help impact a runner's marathon experience.

Once racers cross the finish line, they are greeted by spectators, receive their medals and get a drink of water.

They are also given space blankets and food.

One finish line volunteer said the runners need to catch their breath before they can enjoy post-run festivities. 

"A couple will be smiling but most of the time they stop, bend over, take some deep breaths. Some you can tell that they're struggling like they're almost collapsing but they just keep walking to finish it," said one finish line volunteer, Shannon Anderson.

Medical assistance was readily available for runners who needed it. 

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