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Couple celebrates 50 years of marriage at Grandma's Marathon

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Amongst the flurry of unique runners at Grandma's Marathon this year, there's one runner that stands out more than most.

That's 72 year old Larry McNichols, he's running his 38th Grandmas Marathon.

Out of the nearly 90 marathons he's run, Grandmas is his favorite. 

"We've had so many friends and family come, that it's almost like a reunion every year." Larry said. 

Larry's love of running Grandma's might only be rivaled by his love for his wife, Margie.

"Four different anniversaries fell exactly on Grandma's Marathon." Margie said. 

And a mid race kiss, made a fifth time Grandma's has fallen on their anniversary, this time their 50th. 

Larry said, "I really have to commend her for all the years she's supported me in this." 

Through 50 anniversaries, and dozens of marathons, Margie has been there cheering him on every step of the way. 

Margie said, "Anything we can do to support him, we're doing that. Because we know he loves to run."   

After 50 years, Larry's cheering section has grown from just Margie, to 2 kids, and 4 grandchildren, cheering Larry on every step of the way.

Larry said, "I'm always looking forward to when I can see them, that's a big motivator. I know where they're going to be, and I can't wait to get there." 

Running in all but 3 of Grandma's runs has come with many ups and downs over the years, but Larry's motivation has always remained the same.  

Larry said, "I think I have to point to Margie. She's taught me a lot over the years, and that's why we've been able to hang together for 50, I think."  

Next on Larry's Agenda is the Twin Cities Marathon later this year.

He's hoping to get at least five more Grandma's Marathons under his belt. 

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