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Bovey man opens "World's Smallest Record Store"

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Bovey, MN -

Tim Edwards could fill an encyclopedia with all his music knowledge. 

"You need a little jazz? Dizzy Gillespie," Edwards said as he flipped through his collection. 

It would be hard to argue with Edwards' music expertise: He says he owns 40,000 records. 

"My wife says I'm hoarding them, but I like to think I'm an archivist," he said. 

 The archivist opened KEBS Records off Bovey's main street in April. It's just ten feet by eight.

"We get over about four [customers] and then it's like we move outside and watch 'em shop," Edwards said. 

Edwards says he thinks his record store is the smallest in the world. While it hasn't been certified, Edwards says he's done enough searching to be convinced.

"Well, I can't find one smaller anywhere. We've tried and we found a couple in Europe, where like a guy was selling records once a year out of his tool shed," Edwards said, "I didn't think that qualified as a store, where this is an actual store."

There's no question though about Edwards' love for records. He says he got his first record player on his third birthday. He's been "archiving" records ever since. 

"All these white boxes with the tape on them are records," he said as he toured the storage shed in which he stores some of his collection. 

Edwards says opening the store was a way to sell some of his collection and pay for the main street space he had previously used as an office. So far reception has been good.

"On the first day it was like Rolling Stones [records] out the door and most of 'em went to teenagers, which surprised me, but it made me think there's hope for the world," said Edwards.

Edwards has referred to his record collecting as "saving history."

"No one in 50 years is going to go 'Hey! I found a box full of mp3's!" he said, "Records are magical."

The store is only open a few weekends a month. For more information, click here

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