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Man and his canine best friend are reunited at Essentia Health St. Mary's Hospital-Superior

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Is a man truly a dog's best friend? 
According to one Cloquet man, Dennis Wold and his service dog, Warner, that's true. 

After being separated for quite some time, Wold and his furry best friend have finally been reunited at an unusual place. 

Warner is a two-year-old black Labrador Retriever.

Warner is a certified service dog and he's the newest resident at Essentia Health St. Mary's Hospital in Superior. 

You can now find him curled up next to his owner, Dennis Wold.

Wold, broke his leg and when sepsis couldn't be controlled, it had to be amputated. 

Wold had been at the hospital for a while getting great care but to him, he was missing someone very important

"I didn't have this guy because my son had been taking care of him for 2 months," said Wold.

The company that trained Wold's dog was worried that Wold and his companion wouldn't get to spend enough time together due to the length of the hospital stay.

"She (the company) said I don't know if we can let this go, we might have to take him back to the program, and I was pretty upset," said Wold.

Wold didn't know that Essentia Health believes in the healing power of animals and urges patients to bring them in to help with recovery. He was instantly relieved.

"Real good! because it's boring in here," said Wold.

"Anna called and the doctor called and said he can come here, Dennis has a private room and he can live with us. And we will help in any way that we can," said Wold.

Anna Peterson, Dennis nurse, takes Warner out on walks and helps out whenever she can. 

"We have our routine down, we know to follow the rules every once in a while out of their good nature wants to give them extra treats and kisses and hugs but we have to put a stop to it because he has a purpose in life and that purpose is to help Dennis," said Peterson.

Warner helps Dennis with daily tasks and duties

"But even here with the little elevator button and stuff, if I tell him to push it he'll jump up and use his nose," said Wold.

"Having Warner here has brought us all together. We all love dogs. It was what was needed for this patient to keep him happy and not depressed, improving in all ways," said Peterson.

Wold hopes he gets to keep Warner as his best friend for his entire life. 

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