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More turtles to be crossing MN roads

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It's mating season for turtles in the Northland, which means you're about to see many more crossing roadways. 

One snapping turtle has already been hit by a car and been badly injured.

Although expected to make a full recovery, his shell is badly damaged. 

The DNR says allowing turtles to cross the roads is vital to preserving regional populations. 

Wildlife officials say to use extra caution on the roadways in the coming weeks. 

"They're crossing the road, they get confused, they can take a while to cross. If you can safely stop, and help him across the road, that's great. - we always want to make sure we get them across the road in the direction they were heading. Sometimes they'll get confused and turn around [and] we want to help them across." Said Tara Smith, Animal Care Coordinator at Wildwoods. 

Officials say if you encounter a snapping turtle in need of assistance, never move it by it's tail. 

Instead pick it up by its shell near the rear legs.

As always use caution and call wildlife officials for assistance. 

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