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Pit bull attack kills dog in Cloquet

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One house pet is dead and three dogs are in quarantine after a pit bull attack in Cloquet.

According to Cloquet police, a woman was walking her collie dog when three other dogs escaped from their enclosure and attacked her pet. The dog died from its injuries. 

The city is in the process of determining whether the escaped animals were "dangerous dogs" which would have required them to be registered with animal control.

Under Cloquet ordinances and Minnesota statutes "dangerous dogs" also have to be held in a properly enclosed area within the owner's property.  "Dangerous Dogs" also have to be muzzled and restrained if they leave the property.

Administration and investigations commander Dereck Randall is investigating this incident said they're working to determine whether the two pit bulls and a shepherd-pit bull mix's owner is at fault.

"Right now we're looking at any criminal intent or if the homeowner has violated any criminal statues," he said. "Obviously there's a civil side to this too that law enforcement wouldn't be involved in, but right now it's still being reviewed by our city attorney and if charges are deemed appropriate, then they would request that we issue the owner a citation."

According to Cloquet police this is the second report they've had for these same dogs. 

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