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Get Outdoors: Kayaking the St. Louis River

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"You ready sir?" My guide asks, "Yup!" I say with excitement

I'm heading out onto the St. Louis River for a guided trip with The Duluth Experience's co-owner and guide David Grandmaison. They offer kayaking trips on the river and the big lake.

Dave Grandmaison, Co-Owner & Guide of The Duluth Experience, said "The reason we like to come out here is because really the story of Duluth starts on the St. Louis River and Fond Du Lac area. This whole stretch is really the birthplace of Duluth."

The St. Louis river is more of an estuary, with slower moving water and lots of scenic areas to visit. And also lots of wildlife. 

"You see bald eagles tons of water fowl, we'll be paddling along the shoreline and deer will be browsing off on the side and it's really A cool experience and you know what I want only 10 minutes outside of downtown Duluth." said Grandmaison.

We go through a quick tutorial and safety briefing before heading out.

Grandmaison said, "Put your paddle on the top of your head like this do you want your elbows to be about 90 degrees that's kind of like our paddling box."

And then its into the water!

"I'm going to push you off into the water and then I'm gonna bring my boat down and join you so if you want to just kind of paddle around in here." Grandmaison said then pushed me off.

The kayaks were very stable and I didn't feel like I was going to tip over. Grandmaison says this trip is perfect for skill levels of all varieties.

Grandmaison said, "Most of our guests are people who want to try the sport and maybe I have never done it before or maybe have done it in the past but want to learn more about it."

The Duluth Experience will be trying out a nightie paddle this summer. It will be about two and half hours of paddling under the stars on Lake Superior. 

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