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Suspects charged in connection with drug bust of crack cocaine/heroin

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Two 21-year-old men from Chicago have been charged in connection with a drug bust in Duluth.

Manquan Nailon is being charged with selling drugs, possessing a controlled substance and criminal damage to property. 

Dajuan Billings has been charged with aiding and abetting the sale of drugs, and for fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.

Police say when the suspects were searched on the 1300 Block of Fern Ave. in Duluth on Tuesday, crack cocaine was found on one man, and heroin on the other, with both drugs packaged for sale.

Police say a loaded nine millimeter semi-automatic gun was found in the vehicle in which the suspects were traveling, along with money and evidence of previous drug sales.

Charges against two other suspects, in a separate drug bust that took place on Wednesday, are expected to be filed Monday. 

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