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Possible Sand Tiger or Mako shark jaw found in Mississippi River in Grand Rapids

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During Saturday's Fishing Opener anglers from across the state were ready to find their trophy fish.
Or, at least some thought they were

"My dad said haha he caught something," said Joey Piskel. 

Piskel and his father hit the Mississippi river that crisp morning eager to catch some Walleye but to their surprise, their catch of the day was everything but fishy.
"He started reeling it in. We saw the jaws coming up," "I didn't know what the heck it was," said Piskel.

At first glance, Piskel thought it was a Muskie jaw.

"Looking at other photos people had sent me all of my friends said that's definitely not a muskie jaw"

Piskel said it's definitely their first time they've come across anything like this. "You never know what're you're going to catch, haha," said Piskel.

Joey's father brought the jaw into the Grand Rapids DNR to have it identified

 "We knew right away it wasn't one of our boney fishes," said Large Lake Specialist, Jerry Albert.

So what could this mysterious, deteriorated, smelly thing possibly be?

The DNR said based on the jaw's three rows of teeth it definitely couldn't be a freshwater fish.

 "We knew it was a shark jaw," said Albert. 

Possibly a Sand Tiger Shark or a Mako Shark according to the DNR.

But how could these predominately southern/pacific ocean sharks make it up to the Northland?

The answer is still unclear.

 "I don't know if somebody caught this fish/shark and dumped the body?" said Piskel.

One thing that is clear though, the future of the mysterious jaw.

"I'm looking forward to drying this out and cleaning up a little bit, take a brush and scrub off the rest of the decaying matter and put it on the wall," said Piskel. 

Piskel also said that's not the only thing they have caught that's odd, years back they caught a log and have that mounted on their wall too.

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