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'Dead-On Shooting Range' construction begins in Cloquet

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The Northland's first indoor shooting range will be opening this fall. 

On Thursday, construction began for the $1.9 million 'Dead-On Shooting Range.'

"It went from an idea to 'this is what we want to do,'" said Chad and Lauren Walsh, the owners of the gun range. 

In 2014, Laura and Chad Walsh began the process of creating the 'Dead-On Shooting Range'.

"An indoor range/training facility is not just a cookie cutter idea," said Walsh. "I mean there's a lot that goes into the planning stages to make it all happen."

Now three years later, they finally broke ground.

Walsh said, "even after we signed all the paperwork, I still would go home and say 'I don't believe it until we're actually standing there looking at a building.' But now that everybody's coming together, the questions are coming in on building certain parts, I do believe it now."

The shooting range is a dream of the Walsh's that is unique to the Northland.

"We will be the only one open to the public, to law enforcement and to the military," said  Walsh.

The 9,600 square-foot facility off Highway 2 in Cloquet will have ten lanes "giving everyone a place to safely target practice, inspect and try different types of fire arms and receive safety training," said Curt Walczak, the Walsh's business consultant who is apart of the UMD Center for Economic Development.

However, to get it all started was quite the task in terms of securing financing, doing research, and going through government agencies.

"There were a few times along the way where we actually took a step back and said 'well, maybe we should wait another two to three years,'" said Walsh.

Walczak said, "they are truly entrepreneurs in taking the risk for their dreams to come true."

But, the chance was worth taking for the Walshes. 

"I don't think I've met one person that said 'that's not something that I intend,'" said Chad Walsh.

Laura Walsh added, "there are a lot of people that are uncomfortable so now they have a place to learn."

The Walshes plan to have five employees for the opening of the facility and then growing to at least 10 employees as time goes on. 

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