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Springtime means animal babies for Wildwoods

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It's Spring Time which means babies when it comes to the animal kingdom. 

During the birthing season many wild animal babies are sick, injured or orphaned and they arrive at rehab centers across the U.S. in need of lots of love and attention. 

Photojournalist Blake Melin went to Wildwoods in Duluth today to see how these little ones are able to survive. 

"Oh so pretty! Oh my goodness! You're like a little eagle! 
We started off in the squirrel room. We have some little red squirrels which you saw being fed. And we also have a lot of gray squirrels so they're very, usually very enthusiastic eaters," said Wildwoods Animal Care Coordinator, Tara Smith. 
Then we have some baby robins and we have a baby crow. 
We have lots of baby pigeons this year.
Come here baby! 
And we have a baby porcupine, a baby badger and we have baby pine martens. Laughter. 
We're funded by donations only. And, you know, without the support of the community we wouldn't be able to do what we do. So we're happy to be here for everybody and we've just received so much support. Laughter. 
On our website we have information about volunteering, there is an application. So you just fill that out and our volunteer coordinator will contact you and set up a time for you to come in and help. 
You never know what it is going to be like here, you never know what animals are going to come in. It is a really rewarding experience." 

Wildwoods has setup a "Baby Registry" through amazon where people can choose items from the list to purchase and ship directly to Wildwoods.

Click Here for Amazon Baby Registry.   

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