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Former treasurer accused of embezzling from township

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A former Ironwood Township treasurer is behind bars after being accused of embezzling the township out of $200,000.  

Forty-seven year old Jill Renee Olson-Derossoo is charged with 1 count of embezzlement and 5 counts of forgery.  

After current treasurer Maria Graser took over, she discovered Olson-Derosso had removed all township records from her computer. 

"Going through trying to do my daily duties, I find stuff every day, it's really hard not to find stuff." Said Maria Graser, current treasurer for the township. 

What Graser found was enough to launch a full scale investigation by the township, state police, and several others who found the embezzlement of the $200,000. 

Steven Boyd, supervisor for the township says, prior to the investigation, annual audits showed routine discrepancies. 

"Our annual audits always checked out, but those audits often just involved the general fund." Said Boyd. 

Boyd says those audits didn't involve the two funds where most of the transactions occurred.

"There were two funds that she had sole access to - and aren't normally checked by the auditors.  Those are the funds that she used to move money in and out of, or to write checks to herself out of." Said Boyd. 

In addition to the check fraud, the auditors have been unable to find any record of cash deposits between the years of 2010, and 2016. 

 We're trying to reconcile cash funds, there's a gap there. Boyd said, and we're going to be working with another auditor, now that we know what we're looking for, to come in, and narrow that number down, so that can be included. And there's also some discrepancies some other funds, like the tax fund that need to be reconciled as well." 

The $200,000 Olson-Deross is  accused of embezzling only dates back to 2011.

Investigators are looking to see if money was taken from 1998 to 2010 as well.

Olson-Derosso could face up to 30 years in prison for all the charges.  

Calls to Olson-Derosso's attorney were not returned. 

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