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Wrenshall couple adopting three siblings, orphaned in African Ebola crisis

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A Wrenshall family is about to get a lot bigger.

The Ward family already has three children, but soon they'll have three more. They're adopting three siblings from Africa, who lost their parents in the Ebola crisis.

The adoption came after Andrew and Kristina Ward starting sponsoring a child in Sierra Leone. 

 "When we saw her picture we were just really moved and something tugged on our hearts," said Kristina. 

It wasn't long before sponsorship turned into adoption. 

"We had always kind of wanted to adopt," Kristina said, "We actually had struggled with infertility in the beginning [of our marriage] before we actually had biological children. So, adoption was something that was kind of on our hearts anyways."

The child in the photo has two siblings. All three have been without parents since 2014. 

"They needed to find parents for the whole family and if they couldn't, the two younger kids would be split from the brother, because that's just how adoptions work. He's an older boy and older boys aren't really sought after," said Andrew.

The Wards say they knew that their adoption wouldn't be just one child - but all three.

"We also saw a picture of all three of them standing together and he, the oldest boy, was standing there with his arms around the girls," Kristina said, "There was something in the picture and seeing that he was their protector... we just knew that, if we could, if it was in our power to keep them together, like why wouldn't we?"

It was a decision that the Wards say was guided by faith. Andrew is the pastor at Arise Church in Cloquet. They say help from people at their church and God helped lead them down their adoption path. 

"We just knew it was right and we just said, 'We will take the step forward through this open door and we will keep going as long as the doors keep opening.' And they have kept opening, and opening, and opening," Kristina said.  

The Wards are already legally the childrens' parents.

The kids still have to go through VISA interviews and get passports before they can make their way to the U.S. The Wards say that could happen in as soon as a month or as long as five. 

The Ward's church is hosting a benefit dinner to raise money for the family's remaining adoption expenses. 

The dinner will be held Sunday, April 30 from 6-8 p.m. at Arise Church:

Arise Church

Old Chief Theater

103 Avenue C

Cloquet, MN 55720

Tickets are $25. Contact Alisha Stoltzfus for more information: keithandalisha2@gmail.com.

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