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Duluth man starts underwater hockey program

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Hockey fans in Duluth can now play the sport underwater. 

Underwater hockey looks like it sounds. Players push a three pound puck with a short stick towards the goal at the end of the pool. 

"It [the puck] sits on the bottom of the pool," said Alan Newton, the instructor who brought the sport to Duluth, "You have to hold your breath and that's the great equalizer, because everyone has to breathe at one point or another."

The sport is offered through Duluth Community Education and held at Lincoln Park Middle School.

Newton says it's the first time underwater hockey has been offered in Duluth. The sport is new to Duluth, but not to Newton.

"I played one game and I've been playing ever since," Newton said. 

Newton's been playing for well over 20 years. He first learned of the sport in college and went on to play in national championships. Underwater hockey has become a family affair. 

"I never got to the world levels, but my daughters did. They were on the U.S. Women's World team," said Newton.

When he moved to Duluth a year and a half ago, Alan decided to bring underwater hockey to the city that has plenty of both. 

Newton's son-in-law suggested he contact Duluth Community Ed. 

"It's [Duluth] a great hockey town and it's a great water town, but we tend not to mix the two," said Community Schools Coordinator, Nick Jacobs, "But it seems people really enjoy their time [at underwater hockey]."

If you're wondering why you've never heard of underwater hockey before, Newton says it's just starting to pick up in the Midwest. 

"Most of the clubs are on the East Coast and the West Coast, so we're hoping to have kind of a revival," Newton said. 

Newton says he wants to eventually establish a club in Duluth that can compete on the national, maybe even international, level. 

If you're interested in getting involved in underwater hockey, click here


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