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City Pages dubs Duluth man "Music Mayor"

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City Pages recently named a Duluth man as one of 18 people making Minnesota a better place to live.

His name is Bob Monahan and the publication dubbed him Duluth's "Music Mayor."

Bob launched Chaperone Records in 2012 and the Red Herring, a venue for live music, in 2014. Both are based in Duluth. 

The label started out of what Monahan saw as a need to give a platform to some of the artists putting out music in Duluth. 

"I had friends that were making music that was above and beyond anything I felt was happening in Duluth at the time," said Monahan, "So, the idea to start a record label and give legitimacy to some of the artists that I felt deserved it, just made perfect sense."

Five years later, Chaperone represents artists like Charlie Parr and Retribution Gospel Choir.

Monahan is bashful about the "Music Mayor" title given to him by City Pages.

"I really haven't talked about it much, other than sort of friendly ribbing, 'Hey, Music Mayor'," he said, "I've told numerous parties to just never call me that again."

But Monahan is proud of the role the Herring has played in growing Duluth's status as a player in the music scene. 

"Certainly, the flow of bands has perhaps switched directions a little bit, because I want to say two, three, four years ago, definitely before the Red Herring, it was for sure a goal of Duluth bands to play in the Twin Cities. You know, that was the constant thing. Yeah, you can play Duluth as much as you want, but until you go down to the Cities and play a gig, you're just no one," said Monahan, "I think at some point it definitely became a goal of Twin Cities bands to come and play Duluth, in large part because of the Red Herring."

The Red Herring offers live music 4-5 nights a week. You can find a list of the shows they're hosting in April, here


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