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Barley's Angels aims to get more women involved in craft beer

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The stereotype of a typical beer drinker has long been a man. The people making those beers are also often assumed to be men.

But a Twin Ports group is hoping to change that and get more women involved in beer.

It's called Barley's Angels. It's an international organization with many chapters. 

Allyson Rolph, the head brewer at Thirsty Pagan, helped bring it to the Twin Ports in 2012. 

"At the very beginning, it was really just people I already knew," she said, "I was like, 'hey, we're having a meeting about beer.'"

The meetings are all women - all beer. 

"It's a really great way to bring women into the craft beer industry, not necessarily as brewers or in the brewing industry, but also mostly just to give them a comfortable space in order to be able to learn and engage with people and network with women in something that they're interested in," said Rolph. 

The group's primary goal is education. They host happy hours and brewery tours.

"We've also done home brew classes and we've done tastings. We've done sort of sensory training, where we learn about all sort of flavors of beer," said Lissa Maki, the co-coordinator of the group. 

But their very presence might just be a lesson for everyone else.

"Just sort of changing the image... it's not just bearded men who like craft beer, it's women of all ages, from all backgrounds," Maki said. 

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