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Kalevala Day celebrates Finnish culture in Duluth

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People celebrated the 100 year anniversary of Finland's independence from Russia on Sunday. 

The Celebration of Kalevala or Finnish culture day, made significant contributions to the development of the nation's identity. 

Having been dominated by Sweden and then Russia, the Kalevala helped create Finish Nationalism. 

The celebration included Finnish music, a guest speaker and a Finnish Market. 

Some people even dressed up in traditional Finnish clothing. 

"1917 December 6th is when they declared independence from Russia and now, December 6,  2017 will be a big celebration and they are celebrating all year. We will also be celebrating all year," said Lisa Fitzpatrick, a member of the Ladies of Kaleva. 

A sledding party will be also be held on Tuesday, the official day of Kalevala. 

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