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Duluth waxing company invests in employees

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When Waxing the City opened in Duluth in 2014, they say they were the city's first specialty waxing salon. 

But their specialty seems to be more than waxing.

Dani Lindberg was one of their first hires. On the wall of the room where she works, hang signs of her accomplishments. But her beginning at the salon wasn't as smooth. 

"It was about four or five months into her employment that we started to see the brick wall that she was putting up and what that was causing," said Waxing the City owner, Jo Haubrich.

"I was definitely a little bit more hardened on the outside because I was stressed, you know, life can be hard," Lindberg said. 

Life was hard because Lindberg spent a few years as a teenager at what's now known as Life House, a place for young people who are without a home. 

"She came off as being tough and we did not know when we hired her...we didn't have any idea how much she had gone through to get just through the door," said Haubrich. 

"It took a long time, which i'm sure most graduates of Life House would agree with, to get to this point and having a stable career and stable housing. It took a lot, taking on two to three jobs at a time working hard and getting to that point," Lindberg said. 

Dani says her bosses gave her stability and guidance. They say they're glad they didn't give up on her. 

"I couldn't give up on her. There was just something about who she was," said Lindberg. 

"There's a mutual respect. They know what's going on in my life and I know what's going on in theirs," Lindberg said. 

It's part of a philosophy the owners of Waxing the City have - supporting their employees and paying it forward. 

Pay it forward was what Lindberg did, helping teach her co-workers.

"Dani has been so great, since day one, to let you know, "Oh, that's not how it's supposed to be, but this is how it's done,'" said Ali Leckel.

The staff of Waxing the City also help out at Safe Haven. 

They wax there once a month and also collect donations for the shelter. 


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