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Duluth yoga company pairs yoga with beer

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You might not consider yoga an especially social activity, but a Duluth yoga company is hoping to change that by adding one unusual factor to the mix. 

Twice a month, Runa Yoga holds a class in Bent Paddle's taproom.

"Namaste," Runa co-owner, Jessie Erickson, says as she ends the hour-long class, "And now we shall drink beer together."

After the class, participants grab a pint of Bent Paddle beer. It's called Runa Yoga + Beer. 

"These are two things that I like to do on my day off," Erickson said, "I like to go to yoga and then I like to enjoy a tasty beer."

The idea for the yoga-beer collaboration came after Erickson went to a similar class in Colorado.  

"[And I] thought, 'this is really great,'" Erickson said, "Laura and Karen, two of the co-founders of Bent Paddle, came to a yoga class I was teaching throughout Duluth and I said 'There's my ticket!'"

"We thought it was a great marriage of beer and yoga, two of our favorite things," said Laura Mullen, one of Bent Paddle's co-founders. 

Erickson is married to a brewer. She says the combination of yoga and beer brings a person's social health into the experience. 

"You get to sort of come onto your mat, have your practice, and then afterward, you get to have a pint and share some conversation with your neighbor, a local community member, someone you've never met," she said, "I feel that overall that is what is good for your health; laughing, having fun, getting to hang out with people."

You may have seen beer yoga being done  in other places, where they drink the beer while doing yoga. 

Besides the obvious balance issue, Erickson says doing those things together disrupts the benefits of each activity. 

She said she'd rather you do yoga, *then* enjoy your beer. 

Runa Yoga is also starting up beer yoga at Blacklist Brewery in Duluth.

They'll hold those sessions on the third Saturday of every month. 

For more information on Runa Yoga's classes, click here

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