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Cook County embraces hygge craze

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In the past year, you may have heard the word "hygge".

It's a Danish term conveying coziness, contentment, and finding joy in the small things in life. 

Hygge isn't new, but in the past year it's gained popularity in the U.S., getting national media attention, even making Oxford Dictionaries' shortlist for Word of the Year. 

"I just think it's so interesting because whenever anybody hears about it [hygge], it immediately tugs at the heartstrings, and even if you say you don't like winter, it's like there's a piece  of that that really feels good that makes you feel excited for the winter," said Abby Tofte, General Manager of Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais. 

Tofte brought the idea of a hygge festival to others in Grand Marais. They quickly got on board. 

Cook County's First Annual Hygge Festival runs February 9-15 in Grand Marais. 

"I think the warmth of summer tends to bring a little more energy to everything you do and even if you're just on a slow outdoor snowshoe or cross country ski, you kind of just slow down a little bit in the winter," said Linda Jurek, Executive Director of Visit Cook County. 

The festival is showcasing everything good about the winter; brewery tours, knitting by the fire, even a Muk Luk ball at Voyageur Brewing. 

"You're supposed to wear your best Muk Luks and dance," said Tofte, "Everybody wants to go to the Bahamas or Mexico, you know, and once you realize that the vacation can be here, and it can be just as amazing, I think it can be really freeing and it feels really good."

For a full list of events at the Hygge Festival, click here. 

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