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Simulator shows caregivers what it's like to have dementia

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A simulator at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Superior is teaching students what it's like to have dementia. 

WITC got a program, called the Virtual Dementia Tour, last summer. 

Since then, they've been using it to simulate the effects of the disease for students in their gerontology course. 

The dementia tour inhibits a person's sight, hearing, touch, and balance - all things that are diminished when a person has dementia. 

The simulator is meant to make students better caregivers.

"It makes me sad [knowing what my mom is going through], but it helps me to understand at a different level, a personal level, what a person with Alzheimers or dementia is going through," said Linda Frost, a student at WITC. Linda's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2008. Her grandmother and aunt had it too.

 "I know there were times when I would get short with my mom and now it's like I understand why she couldn't do what I was asking her to do," Frost said. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour was patented by a company called Second Wind Dreams.

WITC purchased the equipment with the help of a grant. They are one of only 200 colleges around the world who have it and the only one in our region. 

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