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Duluth teen launches bow tie business

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A Duluth teen has found success in giving people a little extra style.

Christian Durfee, 19, launched his own business, called Port Bow Ties, when he was a senior at Hermantown High School.

He makes handmade bow ties for his customers. His ties are now carried in four stores, including one in the Twin Cities.

Christian's grandma taught him how to sew. 

"I wanted to try to make flannel shirts [when I first started sewing] and I was thinking that they wouldn't be too long to make and I found out it was actually a pretty difficult challenge for not ever sewing before," Christian said. 

That's when Christian's grandpa stepped in. 

"Norman Seawright, who used to be on Channel Six news, he always wore bow ties. My grandpa saw that and one day, he was like 'why don't you start making bow ties? That's really not a huge thing around here and it'd be cool to do that.' So, that's how it got started," Christian said. 

Within a year, Christian had sold hundreds of bow ties. They're now sold in four different stores, inclulding one in the Twin Cities. 

Christian says it's an accomplishment he didn't envision.

"I can confidently say I never thought it would turn out like this. I just thought it was going to be selling to a couple high school friends and that was going to be it," Christian said, "My parents were also kind of shocked at first when I was like, 'Oh yeah, I registered as a business in the state of Minnesota."

Christian says he puts some of the money he makes back into the business, but most goes toward paying for college. 
He's a freshman at UMD. His major is entrepreneurship. 

You can find Christian's ties here.

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