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Animal Allies encourages animal fostering


Animal Allies in Duluth has close to 80 animals up for adoption but in the meantime they're looking for foster homes. 

Animal Allies says putting animals in a foster home helps keep them socialized with humans and possibly other animals.
An Animal Allies coordinator says fostering pets makes it easier for the animal to transition into their forever home.
To become a foster parent Animal Allies requires some training. 
Marketing and Communications Director, Michelle Sternberg, says both animals and their foster families can benefit from this type of fostering. 

"If you have children, and you wanna really teach them what its like to treat an animal, and how to work with animals, and really kind of give them that experience of having a pet in their life, and what that means," Sternberg says. 

Animal Allies says that they're always looking for foster families to volunteer.

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